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ISLAND: Misyats, named after the moon, is the frigid part of the Celestial Islands. Misyats is an island 50% covered in a magical and dense forest named Porozhniy. This forest has magical capabilities that guards it's secrets with illusions and the like. Despite this Porozhniy has a city district as it's very close neighbour, filled with joys and wonders influenced by it's magic.

Misyats does not embrace technology as much as Güneş does and has deeper ties dependant on magic. Because of this a lot of splitters live here to expand this culture that has evolved since it's human settlers. Plenty of non-magical beings, singulars, learn to use magic here too, except they have to rely on soul crystals which are considered to be taboo in certain parts of false Earth.

Misyats is closer to the magical aura of the middle pole and Porozhniy is said to be "touched" by the royal family centuries ago. This alters it's climate to have snow and winter each year, while always being one train ride away from the luxurious summer get-aways on Güneş.

CITY: You wont see any sky scrapers in this city, most buildings are max 4 stories tall. The architeqture is very earthy and inspired by woodland and dark tones. Grass and different plants grow on the facades and roofs of the housing here, some with flowers that glow alongside the moon at night. It's a much bigger place with more density than any other town on Misyats yet feels quite rural. Markets of all kinds are up all days of the week and you still get to know what happens to everyone as if every person knows of each others existance.

COUNTRY: The west part of this district is mostly a tug-of-war between the forests magical influences and the regular nature living there. Not many people live or visit these parts of the island, but if you like solitude and low chance of everyday amenities this might be a great place to settle. Just be aware that you will be getting visits from plenty of spirits gracing the edges of Porozhniy.

The east side surrounding the mountain and city district flowing down to the beaches have many more citizens living there. This area is one of the most safe and calm places on the island.

MOUNTAIN: Along the lower to middle parts of the mountains plenty of people have made it their home. The habitable zones of the mountain is considered part of the Misyats city district, but the mountain is distinguished as it's own landmark. Further up the mountain it's very cold and usually has snow year round. There are some slopes and cabins here and there for skiiers to enjoy, but the majority of the top zone of the mountain is pretty pristine and un-touched. With the increasing urbanization some are scared that it wont remain this way for long.

FOREST: Porozhniy, also called "the frozen forest", for both in time and temperature this seems to be the case. While many get to enter the forest, what they see is always up for debate. It doesn't matter if two people enter the forest at the same time and from the same spot. They will often get split up and see two different sides of the forest and when they exit they often get out from where they came. Whatever you see is also not guaranteed to be real or from the same time you came from either.

Some people say you don't really enter the forest either; you were only made unconsious momentarily, fed dreams of your long lost loved ones, and woke up to the same spot. Depending on who you ask you get to hear people say all from none of these things are true.

The majority of people stay clear of the forest, but beings from the forest come out quite regularly. People living on Misyats are used to a lot of spirits, some are seen everyday while others are seen once a century. Both friendly neighbours and less happy cretins come and go, lending Misyats citizens to a wide array of disaster drills.

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